Linking the health and welfare of animals, people and the environment

Film & photography


Vetwork UK has produced two touring photographic exhibitions (links below), worked with Walking Pictures on various projects (see below), contributed photographs to various publications, and has a Flickr profile.

The Nuer and Dinka, agropastoralists of South Sudan, 1997

An exhibition of photographs by Stephen Blakeway, Vetwork UK in conjunction with Scotland Africa 97.


The Camel Carers, 1999

An exhibition of photographs by Andy Catley, Vetwork UK


'Sleeping Ruff: Edinburgh's street dogs and their people'

In 2004, building on Vetwork UK's links to Dunedin Hostel around new pet friendly policies, we worked with Walking Pictures to film 'Sleeping Ruff, Edinburgh's street dogs and their people'.

Sleeping Ruff reviews and further background

Rabbiting On - A short film collaboration between Vetwork UK and Walking Pictures.

This is another exploration of the Human/Companion animal bond. “Animal Assisted Therapy” is a type of therapy that involves animals as a form of treatment. This film shows one person’s therapeutic relationship to his pet animals.

'Jamie and rabbits' from Susi Arnott on Vimeo - background information


More films to come ....

and below is a gallery of Vetwork UK photos from around the world