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Curated Resources


Five sections

1. One Welfare, Carbon and Biodiversity

2. Vultures & Veterinary NSAIDS

3. Veterinary Parasiticides

4. Veterinary Pharmaceuticals more generally

5. Donkeys


Resources are mostly downloadable pdf files.

1. One Welfare & Carbon and Biodiversity


2023 IPBES Poster (provides an overview statement)

Poster accepted for Stakeholder Day at the 2023 IPBES meeting in Bonn, Germany.

IPBES poster download pdf


Carbon and Biodiversity Literacy for the Veterinary Community

Everything you need to become carbon literate

Curated resource list download pdf


Ethiopian Veterinary Association Conference presentation resources:

2021 EZL case study (Bojia et al 2021)

2019 GoE/FAO/EU PPR Project Final Evaluation

UN IYRP 2026 website



2. Vultures & Veterinary NSAIDS

NSAIDS considered Vulture-safe:
Tolfenamic Acid and Meloxicam
NSAIDS currently under test:
NSAIDS known to be highly toxic to vultures, already banned in some countries (see below for details), and needing to be banned everywhere there are vultures (Europe take note):
Diclofenac, Aceclofenac, Nimesulide and Ketoprofen
News updates:

New Nimesulide paper from India, Karikalan et al 2023: download full paper or


RSPB, Vetwork UK and SE Asian Vultures

Introductory Sway: Vulture conservation in India (David Hadrill, 2018)


Latest news and updates from Chris Bowden MBE, RSPB, SAVE Programme Manager

Meloxicam and Tolfenamic acid are considered safe for vultures.

Testing of paracetamol is fairly advanced.


Two vulture-toxic veterinary drugs have just been banned by the Indian Government:

This is really excellent news, and we eagerly await the next hearing from Delhi High Court 20 September (next week) regarding nimesulide, which is another major killer drug threatening the future of vultures.


Nepal has comprehensively updated its National Vulture Action Plan, which has aligned closely with SAVE Blueprint priorities:


A fantastic array of awareness activities across Asian SAVE Partners for International Vulture Awareness Day (2 September).

Some are mentioned here, but there were many more:


Also follow SAVE on Twitter/X: @SAVE_vultures

Or note we upload more frequent updates on the SAVE Facebook page:



3. Veterinary Parasiticides


Veterinary Prescriber parasiticide resources (& see Section 4 below)

A short video demonstrating the Veterinary Prescriber’s unique Parasiticide Guide

Environmental effects of pet parasiticides

Towards more rational use of parasiticides – but how?


Professor Dave Goulson resources

Perkins R, Goulson D. 2023. To flea or not to flea: survey of UK companion animal ectoparasiticide usage and activities affecting  pathways to the environment. PeerJ 11:e15561


all Dave Goulson books from 'A Sting in the Tale' to 'The Garden Jungle' and 'Silent Earth'


Dr Sarah Beynon FRES at Dr Beynon's Bug Farm, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Maintaining pasture and dung beetle/invertebrate health when grazing sheep, cattle and horses.

Introductory video: Dr Sarah Beynon on the Bug Farm and the marsh-fritillary-project

Introduction to marsh fritillary habitat creation: marsh-fritillary-project

Sustainable parasite control for horses and farm livestock:

downloadable fact sheets on sustainable parasite control

Protecting land for nature: connecting-the-commons

Creating mini meadows in your gardens: pollinating-the-peninsula

Full list of publications: research-projects/publications




4. Veterinary Prescriber / All veterinary pharmaceuticals

Veterinary Prescriber

is a unique independent online publication that provides a trustworthy and impartial resource to help veterinary professionals use medicines in the best interests of animals, their owners and the environment. It is free of pharmaceutical company influence. To make the optimal choice, and avoid unnecessary use of medicines, prescribers need all the available information on the benefits and harms of the different options. To this end Veterinary Prescriber publishes critical reviews of treatments that draw attention to the uncertainties as well as the known facts about treatments, compares different options, and scrutinises promotional claims. Veterinary Prescriber covers all types of medicines, including parasiticides, used in companion animals. Veterinary Prescriber is supported by subscription. Below are links to some articles on the blog page of the website.


A short video demonstrating the Veterinary Prescriber’s unique Parasiticide Guide

Environmental effects of pet parasiticides

Towards more rational use of parasiticides – but how?





5. Donkeys


The Welfare of Donkeys

The Welfare of Donkeys, Stephen J Blakeway, 1994

(part of a dissertation for degree of Masters of Science in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare at the University of Edinburgh)


The Multi-dimensional Donkey

2014 Multi-dimensional Donkey in Landscapes of Donkey-Human Interaction

(presented at Minding Animals 2014)


Caught in the Middle Report - Donkeys in the Middle East

2015 Caught in the Middle Report (The Donkey Sanctuary)


Control and Prevention of EZL in Mules: an Integrated Community-based Intervention, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

2021 EZL case study (Bojia et al 2021)


'The Hand' Donkey Welfare Assessment Pack

2021 The Hand



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