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Much of Vetwork's experience is in Community Based Animal Health Projects, often involving the training of community animal health workers, aspects of ethno-veterinary knowledge, participatory methodologies, and other issues related to the health, welfare, husbandry of animals and their place in  society.

This page lists all the reports and articles on the Vetwork website, and links to some other key web resources.




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A partnership between Vetwork UK, the Participatory Community-based Animal Health and Vaccination (PARC-VAC) Project, Organisation of African Unity / Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources, and Intermediate Technology Publications (now called Practical Action). Written by a team of veterinarians and livestock professionals with field experience of community-based projects in Africa and Asia, the guide contains contributions and case studies from projects around the world, presented as text boxes, stories, anecdotes, diagrams, cartoons and photographs.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Getting started
Chapter 3: Taking a long-term perspective: sustainability issues
Chapter 4: Participative training methods and approaches
Chapter 5: How to design and implement training courses
Chapter 6: Monitoring and assessment of community based animal health projects
Chapter 7: CAHWs and disease surveillance
Chapter 8: The rules of the game and how to influence policy
Chapter 9: Sharing experiences and networking
List of Contributors
Further Reading

The book can be ordered through: Development Bookshop, Practical Action Publishing, The Schumacher Centre, Bourton on Dunsmore, Rugby, Warwickshire,CV23 9QZ.  It can be bought online


ETHNOVETWEB - the ethno-veterinary website
PRELUDE Database of Veterinary Medicinal Plants of Africa

Community of Practice for Pro-poor Livestock development -


Web Resources

Eldev - Endogenous Livestock Production

ELDIS - Development policy, practice and research


Some of these documents are on the Vetwork web-site; some are accessed through the ELDIS web-site. Articles on the Vetwork site are grouped but there is overlap between groups.

  • Community Animal HealthCare
  • EVK/EVM/Local knowldge (Ethno-veterinary Knowledge/Ethno-veterinary Medicine)
  • Participatory Methods
  • Gender, Children and Peace Building
  • Policy
  • Other



Delivery of private veterinarian supervised community-based animal health services to pastoralist areas of the greater horn of Africa 1999.
Delivery of animal health services in eastern Africa 1998.
Community-based animal health services in southern Sudan: the experience so far 1998.
Community-based animal health care in Somali areas of Africa: a review 1999.
Veterinary services in the Somali national regional state, Ethiopia: a situation analysis 1997.
Community-based animal health services in the greater horn of Africa: an assessment for USAID 1998.
A review of the Oxfam UK/Ireland Kotido livestock development project (animal health component), Kotido district, Karamoja 1997.
A critical analysis of the selection and support of community livestock workers in Ghana 1999.
Assessing the impact of community animal health care programmes: some experiences from Ghana 1999.


Ethnoveterinary medicine: Alternatives for livestock development: Proceedings of an international conference held in Pune, India. 1997. Volume 1: Selected Papers.
Ethnoveterinary medicine: Alternatives for livestock development: Proceedings of an international conference held in Pune, India. 1997. Volume 2: Abstracts.
Integrated approach for animal health care: Proceedings of the international seminar held at Kozhikode, India. 1999. Volume 1: Abstracts.
Ethno-veterinary knowledge of the Dinka and Nuer in Southern Sudan 1996.
Nuer ethno-veterinary knowledge: a resource manual findings of a preliminary study 1996.
Some ethnoveterinary information from south sudan 2002.
Karamojong scientists: participatory field trial of a local dewormer 2000.
Learning about Liei: participatory diagnosis of the chronic wasting problem in cattle in southern Sudan 2000.
Participatory research on bovine trypanosomosis in Orma cattle, Tana River District, Kenya 2000.

Impact assessment of livestock farmer field schools in Nakuru and Nyandarua Districts of Kenya: a report for the International Livestock Research Institute 2006


Methods on the move: a review of veterinary uses of participatory approaches and methods focussing on experiences in dryland Africa 1991.
Monitoring and impact assessment of community-based animal health projects in southern Sudan: towards participatory approaches and methods 1999.
Stakeholder workshops on animal health services, Jijiga, Degehabur, Fik And Shinile zones 1997.
Participation in the 80's and 90's: who asks the questions in livestock development? 1991.

Impact assessment of livestock farmer field schools in Nakuru and Nyandarua Districts, Kenya: a report for the International Livestock Research Institute 2006.


The August women's peace crusade & The July women's peace crusade 2001.
Pastoralist harmonisation initiative: second international meeting.
Breaking the spears and cooling the earth: an analytical review of the Pastoral Communities Harmonisation Initiative.
The herd instinct: children and livestock in the horn of Africa 1999.


Report of a workshop on the role of paraveterinarians in the present and future veterinary infrastructure in Afghanistan 1999.
The need and possible modalities of establishment of community based delivery of veterinary services and inputs in the arid and semi arid areas in Kenya.
Non governmental organisations and the delivery of animal health services in developing countries 1997.
Livestock in development: the changing role of veterinary services.
NGO strategies for livestock development in western Rajasthan, India: an overview and analysis. 1998.
Anthropological veterinary medicine: the need for indigenizing the curriculum 1998.


Donkeys and the provision of livestock to returnees: lessons from Eritrea 1997.


'Street Dog' Population Control
The Welfare of Donkeys
Reading the rains: Local knowledge and rainfall forecasting among farmers of Burkina Faso 2000.