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The following pages list all the reports and articles on the Vetwork UK website, and links to some other key web resources. The pages also give an overview of the different themes and areas Vetwork UK work in and support.


Global warming, deforestation and desertification, air and water pollution, loss of biodiversity are just some of the issues of environmental degradation which concern us today. Animal keeping in all its forms has an impact on all these issues. There is increasing global awareness that the Earth’s ecosystem is being altered and degraded by human activity and that intelligent solutions need to be put in place to redress this and sustain the health of our environment.
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Animal Health and Welfare
Much of Vetwork's early experience was with projects in which community animal health workers were trained to serve their communities. However, these are not the only projects working within communities to improve animal health and welfare. People live and work with animals in many different ways, with animals playing a variety of roles. Reflecting this, animal health services have tended to limit their focus to specific groups of animals. However useful lessons emerge from comparing approaches. Even similar projects have differences, reflecting how each place is unique. Successful projects will draw on existing experience and local resources.
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Livestock Disasters

A disaster occurs when vulnerable, usually poor, people and governments are unable to effectively manage an extreme event.  Livestock are often the only assets of the poor and thus their only hedge against shocks such as family emergencies, crop failure, floods and droughts. Indeed, livestock are estimated to support the livelihoods of 1 billion of the world’s poor and are the main source of protein and micro-nutrients for most of the World’s 900 million food insecure people. By reducing the impact of disasters on livestock or even preventing disasters we allow vulnerable people to maintain their livelihoods.
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Community level animal health and welfare services